Women In Film Arkansas

Polishing Diamonds In The Rough Until They Shine

About Us

Our story begins now, in the Year of the Woman. This is the year female filmmakers will be discovered, respected, revered, and appreciated in Arkansas and beyond. If it is true strength dwells in numbers, our global networking organization will give us the muscle we need to break through. It is our hope we can help train and encourage more women to be at the top of their game as producers, directors, screenwriters, crew, and lead actors.

We hope to encourage women to start their own production companies and studios locally. Arkansas has a wealth of raw and real talent just waiting to be honed, polished, and displayed for the world to see. We will be holding Roundtable meetings to further enhance the careers of women in all aspects of filmmaking. Mentorship will be stressed so that every member needing a mentor will have an encourager and an experienced teacher.

We encourage men to join Women In Film Arkansas, as we believe working together is the best way to utilize the creative resources around us. Parity and equality are essential in the filmmaking workplace if we want to grow.
Arkansas is the perfect place for a storyteller to thrive because we are for the most part natives. We have our own culture and local color. From the Ozarks to the Delta, there are stories waiting to be told and told only as one living here could possibly portray. Our stories are different because we are!

The film business is not easy and there are no guarantees and few overnight successes. Just as a diamond is formed with great pressure and heat, a filmmaker often goes through the fire. Some of us will make it big. Some of us will not, but one thing is for certain. It is the creative process itself that is most important and most rewarding for the creator. With the support of fellow members of Women In Film Arkansas, we are hoping each member can be elevated to reach their greatest potential and sparkle as only an Arkansan can!

Angela VanZandt

President and Founder Women In Film Arkansas