Women In Film Arkansas

Polishing Diamonds In The Rough Until They Shine


Vivek Singhania
Picture Perfect/Bollywood Producer

"Women in Film Arkansas is a wonderful thought. Today it is so easy to not only make films but also to reach it out to viewers across the world. To get the woman's view is so important and I congratulate Angela Van Zandt and her colleagues for starting this Chapter and giving women an opportunity to express what they want to say."

John Heder
Film Actor

John, best known for his role as Napoleon Dynamite, and the production team of "Jeff Tries to Save the World"  attended our NWA Launch Party to show their support of Women in Film Arkansas and promote their upcoming film.

Tracey Aivaz
Producer & Academy Awards Intern

You may recognize Tracey from Academy Awards broadcast. This year she was a featured producer at the Bentonville Film Festival & came out to show her support of the Arkansas Chapter of Women in Film. 

Jessica Dawn Russell
Entertainment Executive, Producer, and Talent Manager- Hollywood California

"One of the best establishments in Arkansas is Women In Film Arkansas. As a ​long-term member and contributor to WIF Hollywood, WIF Arkansas is overdue. I always retreated to Arkansas for resources and locations for my Hollywood film projects as she is enriched with so much talent. Arkansas is very fortunate to have a strong WIF Arkansas created Angela VanZandt at the helm. With over 15 years of utilizing her unbelievable talent, skill and contributions in Hollywood and Arkansas, I am excited to be part of your success!"

Alan Messer
Grammy Award Winning Photographer

"Behind many great men, there are strong women. Behind or embedded in sensitive, well-made films, there are often women. Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands for all women. Without women, our world would cease to exist. Arkansas is resplendent in locations and natural light, with an array of wonderful, creative artists."

Rodger Bumpass
AKA Squidward

"From all of us in Bikini Bottom the best of wishes for Women In Film, Arkansas Chapter. Angela VanZandt has done a wonderful and tireless job in getting this on its feet and the recognition plus networking this chapter will afford is welcomed by all who work in our industry. Looking forward to hearing great things!"

Joby Saad
Comedian, Producer of Vidiots and Southern Belle Fest Nashville

"I want to completely endorse Women In Film Arkansas, and if you know me. I don't endorse anything. When "Men in film Argentina" came to me, I said no. When "Animals in cages Nicaragua " came to me, I said no. But when you reached out, I jumped.
Thank you for all you do, and all the good you're doing with Women in Film Arkansas. WIFA continues to be an important force that makes me proud to be a part of. Please take me off your mailing list." 

Maz Jobrani