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Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Aaron Gilkey


  1. Meeting Kimberly Skyrme
    04 Oct, 2018
    Meeting Kimberly Skyrme
    What's Brewing Meeting With Kimberly Skyrme It was another amazing event for Women In Film Arkansas for Little Rock folks to meet casting agent Kimberly Skyrme. She is one of two VPs of our chapter and is the former president of Women In Film International. She is a casting agent of note, as she was a regional casting agent for the hit series, HOUSE OF CARDS. Kimberly is mentoring us as we form the 47th chapter of Women In Film. The people in this group represent a whole lot of talent and it was
  2. Inaugural Meeting
    03 Oct, 2018
    Inaugural Meeting
    A Successful Inaugural Meeting Here are some pictures from our first meeting! Thank you to all who made an effort to drive there! We LOVED meeting with all of you! Great times ahead!
  3. Arkansas Democrat Gazette Article
    23 Sep, 2018
    Arkansas Democrat Gazette Article
    "Little Rock screenwriter starts chapter of Women in Film Arkansas" Click the link below to read the wonderful writeup by the Democrat Gazette. Article Link
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